EMAPI is a technology, that facilitates the inclusion of interactive map on your website or in the internal corporate network (Intranet) and creates your own map websites. Web portal available at www.emapi.pl is an example of EMAPI technology.

You can get an access to EMAPI via HTTP using JavaScript. Thanks to EMAPI, using minimal effort you will insert an online map onto your website and handle with basic functions related to the map (moving, zooming in and out, calculating the distances, showing geographic coordinates, etc.). Using the built-in procedures you will easily handle with such functions as searching, routing, degeocoding (returning information about the point indicated on the map). EMAPI provides a rich database of POI, 3D buildings, layer of geographic locations associated with Wikipedia, continuously updated layer of road difficulties (based on information from GDDKiA (general department responsible for Polish roads network), set of black points and speed cameras. Additional user’s layers enable placing any icons, broken lines, or polygons on the map.

Would you like to know the details of the EMAPI functioning?

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