Emapi for WPhone

About the application

Emapi.pl is also available as a free, mobile app for Windows Phone OS, providing users with a most precise map of Poland. Emapi for WPhone is an online app – which means that in order to use it in full users need to have a continuous connection with internet. Thanks to such a solution Emapi provides users with always most current and precies map.

Emapi offers following functions:

  • zooming in/out, browsing map
  • searching for adress, POI, users points, coordinates
  • history of search items
  • estimating routes
  • route types: fastest, shortest
  • route report
  • adding and editing of user’s points
  • panoramic and normal view
  • settings of font, GPS or RAM
  • presenting/going back to user location


Screen shots

Example screen shots you can download HERE

Where it’s available?

Emapi for Windows Phone you cand download from Windows Marketplace:


Download – only in Polish (.pdf)


Want your advertisements to appear in Emapi on WPhone? Please, contac us – contacts details you’ll find under Advertisements button in the top left corner of Emapi.pl website.