Map for Administrative Units has the following features:

1. Map viewing and moving:

  • Displaying a map in any size area of the website.
  • Moving the map with your mouse or keyboard cursors.
  • Zooming in the map using the map scale bar, the mouse wheel or by using the zoom in rectangle
  • Zooming out the map using the map scale bar or mouse wheel.
  • Address Search:
    • a.The search for an address on the basis of a postal code (returning all the localities having certain postal code along with the main town at the beginning).
    • a.Finding the address on the name of the town, street, number – the system automatically tells us what is possible when you type a few first letters. Depending on the information entered, the map indicates the locality center, the center of the street or location of the particular address.

2. Calculating the distance:

  • Route calculation between any locations using three methods: quickest, shortest and cheapest with a full report giving route information on distance, time, cost. Route limited to a maximum of 5 points.
  • Route calculation depending on the means of transport – passenger vehicle, truck or pedestrian.
  • Route calculation taking into account the current difficulties on the roads and highways.
  • Distance calculation between points in a straight line.

3. POIs:

The default application includes the following layers of POIs:

  • Administrative Units
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Financial institutions
  • Centers of culture and entertainment
  • Sports centers
  • Institutions of education
  • Petrol stations
  • Transportation and tourist centers
  • Shopping facilities
  • Health care centers

4. Other functions:

  • Possibility to report comments / errors occurred on the map – proposed amendments to the data will be available on a quarterly basis.
  • You can additionally apply special layers, such as for example:
    • administrative boundaries,
    • tourist trails.
  • 3D objects representing the objects / buildings of special interest with their descriptions, eg.
  • Ski-lifts
  • Other POIs layers – beauty spots
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Public transport map
  • Tooltips -window presentation (picture + a brief description+ link to the page) of the added object:tooltipAttention!

    All items marked on the site will be further promoted through the use in the applications of global navigation software tycoons such as NavNGo, Igo, and MIO.