Interpretation of line colors and styles

Layer New Roads is displayed using 2 types of visualization:

  1. Color
    1. To each category of roads, particular color is assigned:
      1. Motorways – red
      2. Expressways – blue
      3. Other national roads – green
  2. Line style
    1.  To each stage of road construction, particular line style is assigned:
      1. Solid line – existing roads:
        autostrada Existing motorways
        ekspresowa Existing expressways
      2. Solid line with white border – roads under construction/project:
        autostrada_budowa Motorways under construction/project
        ekspresowa_budowa Expressways under construction/project
        pozostala_budowa Other national roads under construction/project
      3. Dotted line with white bordes – roads on tender stage:
        autostrada_przetarg Motorways – tender
        ekspresowa_przetarg Expressways – tender
        pozostala_przetarg Other roads –tender
      4. Solid, white line with colorful border – roads on environmental decision stage
        autostrada_decyzja Motorways – environmental decision
        ekspresowa_decyzja Expressways – environmental decision
        pozostala_decyzja Other national roads – environmental decision
      5. Solid, white line with colorful stripe in the middle – planned roads: 
        autostrada_planowana Planned motorways
        ekspresowa_planowana Planned expressways
        pozostala_planowana Other national roads planned

        Because of to many records in category “Other national ways existing”, these are not included in layer “New Roads”. They are default part of the map.