System operating structure

Information displayed on Traffic layer is available by CE-Traffic, which offers services connected with information on traffic in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. In Poland Traffic is operated basing on TMC (Traffic Message Channel) codes chart developed by CE-Traffic, using digital data provided by Emapa. Thanks to this cooperation the Emapa application and portals users received access to the high quality, current information on traffic in Poland.


Floating Car Data (FCD)

The basis of the information on traffic services offered by CE-Traffic is an advanced technology Floating Car Data (FCD). This technology is based on an assumption that observing a sample of vehicles and using advanced statistical algorithms, we can estimate the behavior of the whole traffic flow. The main data source are anonymous information on a location of tens of thousands vehicles, which everyday overcome several million kilometers along Polish roads. However, the portal is basing on the integration of data coming from several sources and is constantly developed in order to assure the highest quality of information as well as the widest range of service.

Scope of information

Information is collected in a few “layers” describing current road situation: current information – reflect the current conditions : speed, travel time, etc., forecast – information reflected typical status for particular time and day of week, calculated default values – free flow on a particular road section, descriptive information, e.g.: “Road No 8, Wrocław- Warszawa. Traffic jam on road section Mszczonów- Radziejowice (voivodeship mazowieckie). Average speed 5km/h.”