1. Switching on/off
    1. To switch on Toll module please choose option “truck” in left routing panel under the tab “Additional options“: 
    2. Then you will be asked for login and password (made available to individual customers):
    3. To switch toll module off, please choose option “car” in the tab “Additional options“.
  2. Routing
    1. Routing with regard to toll works like “normal” routing,
    2.  If the designated route includes paid segments, these will be marked with red:
    3.  After clicking on red segment, you will see the information on it:
  3. Route report
    1.  While routing, in a route panel you will see an additional tab “Route report” – same as for normal routing. But in this case cost is divided into toll and the rest  of paid roads. 
    2. Under shorten route reports you will see detailed reports. First report includes detailed information on paid roads:
      • the total length of paid segments – divided into categories of roads (motorways, expressways, country roads),
      • total amount of tolls on the road category.

  4.  Determination of the alternative route – avoiding paid roads:
    1. In order to route avoiding paid roads, please in tab “Route options” select “exclude paid roads“:
      paid roads
    2.  While calculating route, system will avoid paid road segments and will find an alternative route.
  5. Choice of vehicle and its configuration
    1. In order to find right settings for your vehicle, please in the tab “Route options” go to bottom settings and choose :
      • type of vehicle:
      • and fuel emission class:
    2. You can also edit detailed settings of your vehicle. To do it, please choose option “Edit” – near windows of choice type of vehicle and fuel emission class:
    3. You will then see an extra window, where you can edit such vehicle parameters as permissible gross weight, weight per axle, height, width, speed on a particular road category, average combustion: 
    4. Domyślnie dla każdego z typu pojazdów przyjęte zostały uśrednione wartości. Default for each vehicle avaraged valueas are adopted.