Example applications

EMAPI integration with website or an internal corporate network is used in almost every industry and field.

  • Trade.

The basic and simplest use of EMAPI is a presentation of your own facility on the map in order to enable the Customer finding way to your business. In the era of increasing competition this is at the same time the solution necessary for any company having a web interface. Customer aiming to talk to us or collect ordered goods, thanks to EMAPI will not miss his way in the most complex network of streets and alleys.

  • Leisure, Tourism.

This is of particular importance for owners of leisure and tourist facilities. Do you run a hotel, motel, guesthouse or farm agro-tourism? Do you have rooms to rent by the sea, in the mountains, on Masuria or other locations where tourists full of tourists? Use EMAPI map and show how to get to you!

  • Delivery Service.

Another possibility is to use the system by companies operating on the basis of zones. Pizzerias, furniture stores and appliances showrooms, which will benefit from EMAPI and place our online map on their corporate website will allow their customers quick and easy cost calculation of delivery of ordered products. In addition, a system implemented in an internal corporate network, enable routing among several delivery points.

  • Banks.

Extremely important information from the Customer’s point of view, is the distribution of branches and ATMs. EMAPI placed on the website allows Customers quick and efficient finding of an institution or ATM closest to the certain point (eg, residence, place of work or customer’s vacation destination), as well as set the route to this point. Implemented in the banks internal network EMAPI enables to compare the distribution outlets with the locations of our competitors.

  • Insurance companies.

Insurance companies are one of the most important recipients of such solutions, spatial information is of crucial importance for them- both because of the customers and employees themselves. When a customer calls the notification of damage, the representative of an insurance company, working in a call center must be able to point him to the nearest insurance institution or authorized repair centre. EMAPI is also useful to insurance agents to find and set the route to a number of Clients with whom they have arranged appointments.

  • Transportation, logistics, distribution.

EMAPI uses the original system of Emapa Ltd., MapCenter, which is used by many transport companies to calculate the route and fleet management. In the same way you can use EMAPI technology. Route calculation, visualization of databases and the current position of vehicles on the map are just a few of the possible uses of EMAPI.