Manual of panel

Using layer New Roads is easy and intuitive. Below you will find description of basic functions, which can be performed thanks to this layer.

  1. Switching on/off.
    To switch on New Roads, please point with mouse cursor on “Layers” and choose category New Roads:
    After choosing this option, you will see panel New Roads on the right side of the window:
    The panel includes a legend explaining the mode of action of layer New Roads (assigning colors to categories of roads and line styles to stages of construction) and developing a module with additional information about functioning the layer (“Find out more”). Panel “New Roads” you can anytime hide (and then again show) using dedicated handle (left bottom corner). The panel will be hidden automatically also after switching off the layer New Roads. You can  switch the layer off by deselecting previously selected option in context menu, under the bottom “Layers”.
  2. Displaying detailed information. After single click on chosen segment of New Roads you will see an interactive window (so called tooltip) with detailed information on particular segment:
  3. New Roads vs Traffic. Layers New Road and Traffic can’t be displayed at the same time. Trying to switch on one of them while the other one is active, you will see the message:

    After clicking OK, you will see the chosen layer.