User manual

Korzystanie z Mapy Turystycznej jest proste i intuicyjne. Poniżej zawarty jest opis podstawowych działań i operacji, jakie można dzięki niej wykonać.

  1. Turning on/off.
    1. To turn on the layers of Tourist Map, please point with your cursor the „Tourist map” button, which you’ll find under the button “Layers”:
    2. And choose the particular items of Tourist map:
    3. After selecting the chosen options, from the right side of the map window the Map Tourist bar will eject.
      1. The bar contains a legend of the Tourist Map: explaining hypsometry colors, matching line styles and icons to the route types, colors and categories, etc., as well as direct link to additional information on layer functioning (“Find out more about tourist map”).
      2. The Tourist Map legend may be hidden at any time (and then again ejected) using a special handle (left bottom corner). The bar will automatically hide also after turning off the Tourist Map.
    4. Tourist Map may be turned off by disselecting previously marked options in context menu under the button „Layers”:
  2. Displaying detailed information.After single click on chosen tourist route section, you will see an interactive window with information on the particular section:
  3. Tourist Map vs Traffic. Layers Tourist Map, Road investments and Traffic can’t be simultaneously displayed. Trying to chose one of them, while the other one is turned on, you will see the message:
    After accepting it, you will see the recently selected layer.