What will you gain from EMAPI?

  • An additional value to your website.

For example by applying on the map an outlet (or outlets) of your company, you will offer knowledge and comfort to the demanding Customer. Clear and simple illustration, where your company is located and how to reach it, apart from purely practical advantages, enrich your website with an additional value and improve its image in the eyes of the Customer. Sightly and user-friendly interface and extras such as carefully designed 3D buildings and information from Wikipedia add an additional color to your website and increase its attractiveness.

  • The location of static and dynamic objects.

One of the key advantages of EMAPI is that it can serve as an access server enabling Partners / Customers an access to the maps platform and visualization of static objects (eg, business establishments, customer office ) or dynamic (vehicles, people, animals).

  • Simple and fast search for addresses along with their visualization on the map.

Placed on the website EMAPI can serve as a search engine of your business outlets for current and potential customers. Implemented in the companys internal systems (eg CRM) allows, i.a., browse our clients location, set the route and plan the optimal itinerary for the day.

  • Postal codes support.

Unlike competitive solutions, EMAPI has a complete postal codes database and takes them into account in the search module. If you do not know the exact address, but postal code only, or vice versa – you know the address, but you need a postal code – with EMAPI it will not longer be a problem.

  • Optimal routing.

EMAPI sets an optimal route to reach the selected point (eg, Customer), depending on needs: quickest, shortest or cheapest. The system also enables the multipoint route planning, such as a daily plan of visiting many Customers for a particular sales specialist.

  • Considers road difficulties.

While setting the route EMAPI takes into account the current, daily updated traffic difficulties (eg road works) collected from GDDKiA. In addition, the system warns of the “black points” and informs about speed cameras. You are then sure that the marked out route will include all traffic conditions and no difficulty will surprise you on the road.

  • Possibility to add custom objects.

Unlike some similar solutions, EMAPI has a valuable function – adding your own points to the map (and broken or polygons) and assigning them to their icons. This provides a number of additional features, such as adding their own facilities, nearby means of communication, the addition of competitors location (eg inside the internal corporate network for the planning of activities) or other relevant points.

  • Better sense of direction.

EMAPI provides an extensive database of POIs (Points Of Interest), 3D buildings, layer of geographic locations associated with Wikipedia, which provides much more knowledge and better sense of direction within the filed we move.

  • Visualization of information.

Through the presentation of information / objects on the map you will gain new knowledge and you will efficiently manage all activities (yours and others). Placing your own locations, for example, allows you to analyze past and plan future actions (i.a. location of the new facility). Adding competitors objects or analyzing the distribution of Points of Interest (shopping centers, banks, shops, petrol stations, etc..) offer a range of additional possibilities. Their use depends only on the imagination of the customer.

  • Highest-quality map data from approved supplier.

EMAPI is an authorized technology of Emapa Lodz Ltd., for years a leader in the Polish market of geoinformatics. Recognizable and valued brand of Emapa guarantees solid digital maps of the highest quality. Our map of Poland (MapSet Poland) is the most comprehensive and accurate digital map of Poland. Quarterly updates ensure it always an accurate and precise reflection of actual conditions. Confirmation of the quality of Emapa Ltd. solutions is the satisfaction of numerous customers from Poland and around the world (check our references).