Switching the routing options

II. Switching the routing options.

Three separate routing categories: “I’m driving a car”“I’m taking public transport”“I’m walking” imply the following consequences while switching the tabs:

  1. Route pointsRoute points added in one tab (e.g. in “I’m driving a car” option) after moving to the other tab (e.g. “I’m taking public transport”) stay the same. The user may it always change.
  2. Middle pointsJIf you first route in the tab “I’m driving a car” or “I’m walking” and you add there the middle points, after switching to the tab “I’m taking public transport” these points aren’t considered by routing algorithm (but stay saved in memory and while switching back to the tabs “I’m driving a car” or “I’m walking” you won’t have to add them again).
  3. Determined routeThe determined in one tab route (e.g. “I’m driving a car”), after switching to another tab (e.g. “I’m taking public transport”) the route disappears. If you determine the new route, you will see only the last determined route and its detailed report (tab “Route report”).