Object search

    1. When the tab “Search” is active, into the space “Search for object” please type the name of the object you search for (e.g. pub) and name of the town, where it should be located. Both words should be separated with a coma:
    1. Searching will be more precise and faster when an appropriate category would be selected. To do this please click “Select a category” and decide, which of the given suggestions will be the most appropriate.
    1. After clicking the button “Search” you will see the desired set of points and in a search panel there will be a list of them together with address data.
    1. After clicking on one of the founded icons on a map, you will see an interactive window with detailed information on the object:

As you can see using emapi.pl is easy and there is no need for any additional IT skills or specialist knowledge and it offers a wide range of advanced possibilities.